You have found a unique way to improve your future in difficult times. A completely new way of reducing the strain on your finances.

Over time, and with ingrained habits our spending patterns can get a bit out of control. Cash Squirrel will help you figure out how to make tiny changes in spending that will have a large impact at the end of the month.

In due course, money saving hints and advice will be added to this website. But mainly, Cash Squirrel works on a personal basis, face to face with people, because everyone is different.

This is not a one stop shop, Cash squirrel will stay with you over the weeks to give you the support you need rather than just drop you.

Cash Squirrel is only available in Colchester, Essex and the surrounding areas at the moment, but we hope to expand to cover a larger area.

All your details are totally confidential, so you can be completely honest and nobody will make judgements about the way you choose to live.

The only things you need are the desire to improve your life and the willingness to make small changes over time.

At the moment, the only way to get the Cash Squirrel treatment is to be referred. More about that soon.